The Kids Prayer Banners come in 2 sizes. It depends upon the space you have what one might fit better. If you want Kids prayers to display on your website this is where to get that code. Select what banner size you want and click "get the code" and the html code is yours to use in seconds. This code will work on 90% of most sites but lets say:, code no workie!?!?, msn groups, code no workie, some CMS systems; tricky, etc.

154w X 224h banner
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This is where it all started; take prayer to the people. Build a system that can go onto everybody else's website and do it for free. Design it simple, time effective and hope that it goes viral from site-to-site-to-site. So far this system has seen around a billion views and it is by far and will continue to be the largest prayer system on earth. We take you down to the river to pray but we can't make you drink.

If we are doing something wrong, we hear about it, but we need to know when we are doing something right too. Please let us know how we can serve you as we have been gifted and thrive through helping all of Gods people. Our systems are entirely automated, never need to be updated and our cut-&-paste codes have not changed in over 10 years. If there is some aspect we have missed please let us know. We try to cover all the bases but may have missed something.
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