For 15 years our live banners have been placed on sites throughout the internet and enlightened over a billion visitors worldwide with prayer, music and life. To place a banner on Your site select the theme and size you want to insert and you will find code that goes into the html of your site.
The Prayer Banners come in 2 sizes & 10 themes so far. Size may depend upon the space you have available.

Choose banners by theme? We have 10 themes:

... Or choose banners by size? We have 2 sizes:

What's utterly unique is your selecting the code for one banner while coding within every banner allows visitors to view any one of the other 9 banners of the same size/shape. It's like 3d chess; only here you have 10 levels/themes, stacked one on top the other; 10d prayer. Your selection is based upon what theme/image you want to load onto your page "first".

Confused yet? As we move forward we will be working on even more sizes and other systems to fill any Prayer/family entertainment needs as they arise so if you have any problem installing or working any of our systems please let us know.
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