Apple Service Center, iPhone Repair Center with Genuine Parts

Apple Service Center is an iPhone repair service center with certified genuine parts. Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company based in California. In addition to the iPhone, the company also offers a variety of electronic goods, such as PCs, laptops, and iPads.

Apple has become an electronic item that is in demand by the public. In addition, this product innovation is also a benchmark for other electronics companies. These well-known brands are increasingly dominating the electronic market with various types that always clash and present the latest features.

Founded by Steve Jobs, this product is known for its high quality and has certain parts from Jobs Inc. Nowadays, more and more counterfeits with low selling prices are increasing, but Apple service centers only offer genuine products, so be careful.

The journey from 1976 to the present

Apple Inc. It is a multinational company that now manufactures a wide range of technologically advanced products. I am a startup company and a start-up company because my work culture is different from my competitors. Start-ups have jobs that are different from companies in general.

However, because of this difference, the company has highly capable employees and employees depending on the field. This electronics company was founded in April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Initially, the three founders sold Steve Wozniak’s Apple-1 computer.

Founded Apple Computer Co., Ltd. in 1977. The company grew by selling computers. Rapid product sales have made the company successful. However, the high selling price caused discord within the company. This made Wozniak and Jobs resign.

After resigning, he was frustrated until Jobs returned to being CEO in 1997. Jobs restructured the company’s performance, and in 2001 Jobs began opening retail stores and acquiring software and hardware companies to establish Apple’s service centers.

In 2007, he made a big profit from his sales and started to own a wide variety of products such as iPod, iphone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and various other hardware and software. Jobs’ death in 2011 was a new era for tech companies.

Certified and certified by Apple Products Co.Ltd.

After launching the first generation of computers, the company’s products began to develop and create the latest innovations with high quality hardware and software. Products launched include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Watch, TV, HomePod, Software and Energy.

  1. iPhone
    In 2007, Jobs launched the iPhone smartphone, the first generation iPhone produced with capacities of 4 GB and 8 GB. Then, in 2008 the capacity was expanded to 16 GB. This first generation product uses the Mac OS X operating system.
  2.  Mac OS X later evolved into iOS. The iPhone has features to help users. The first generation iPhone had a GPS tracker until it was developed on the iPhone 12 pro Max. The company also offers Apple service centers in various locations to make it easier for consumers to repair.
  3. Ipad
    The iPad is a tablet computer that was launched in 2010. The iPad offers a variety of unique features and can help consumers. The iPad is a combination of a PC and a smartphone, so various functions can be implemented. The iPad that has progressed so far is the iPad Pro 12.9.
  4. Ipod
    The iPod is Apple’s portable music player product. This product can be used to play music anytime, anywhere according to the user’s wishes. Portable iPods are now in increasing demand in the market, and the newest product is the iPod Touch. You can also take your iPod to an Apple service center if it needs repair.
  5. Apple Watch
    Apple Watch is a favorite product for children. This product is a smartwatch with various supporting applications such as digital clock, indication of health problems, function of sports recorder, etc. In the past, we innovated in call-taking capabilities. The newest product is series type.
  6. Apple Service Center, iPhone Repair and Service
    Apple Service Center is a place that is a provider of repairs for all types of genuine products. All the technicians at these service centers are trained by authorized companies, so you can repair your iPhone, iPad, iPod, TV, watch and other products without worrying about the quality of the repair.

The service provided by the technician has high quality and genuine spare parts. This repair center is directly supported by the company. Apart from having professional and high quality products, it is certified. These service providers are guaranteed, along with some services from Apple.

Various types of repairs, such as screen repair, battery replacement,

accessories and other supporting buttons damaged by liquid.
You don’t have to worry about visiting the Apple Service Center, because the original parts, the parts provided are genuine parts.
The company offers a one-year warranty protection from the purchase of products and accessories.
Repair services also provide a large number of repair services. Contact your service center for this repair service. After the repair is complete, Apple service will contact you to the customer, and you can check the cost of repairing the iPhone, so you can find out what the cost was.

Apple Products Co.Ltd. New release

Since its inception, Apple has launched products with the latest innovations that offer unique features. These new products are also equipped with Apple service center facilities in case repair is needed later, so it does not harm consumers or make it difficult for them. The newest products are iPhone 12, apple watch 6 series, etc.

  1. iPhone SE (2020)
    iPhone SE was officially launched in April 2020 and previously had a product with the same name before 2016, but this type is equipped with the latest specifications. iPhone SE has a 12 MP camera and a 7 MP standalone camera or front camera.
  2. iPhone 12
    This latest product launch is a prima donna for technology enthusiasts. The iPhone 12 was officially launched in October 2020 and has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display. Dual cameras on the front and back with a resolution of 12 MP, this product already has a 5G connection.
  3. iPad Air Gen 4
    This is the latest iPad series with A14 Bionic chipset specifications, with a screen frame that is thinner than the iPad Pro with a wide screen panel and 10.9-inch screen area.

Other new and not too great products are the Apple Watch 6 Series, Apple Watch SE and iPad 8th Gen 2020. Apple continues to bring the latest innovations to the world of technology and internet networks. Apart from making it easier for users, the company also offers an Apple service center.