Asus service center Bekasi

Asus Service Center Bekasi is one of the steps Asus has taken to serve Bekasi consumers. Asus products, which have penetrated all cities in Indonesia, continue to strive for Asus to improve services evenly in all cities. Bekasi, the largest city in Indonesia, is one of many other cities that has an asus service center.

One of the main tasks of a service center is to carry out repairs. There are other tasks outside of repair, such as answering customer questions, explaining problems to consumers, and assisting customers in the event of a technical problem. When repairing an authorized service location, you can get a warranty.

However, there are a few things you should know about the warranty, one of which is that not all types of damage are covered. Only certain damages are guaranteed. This is clearly done by the product manufacturer to prevent consumers from cheating on the product warranty provided.

If all types of damages are clearly covered, consumers can commit fraud very easily. For example, in the case of Only, the consumer slapped their phone until it broke and applied for a warranty to get a new phone. Such a thing would obviously be a loss of money for the company. For those who own an Asus device, you obviously need to know the type of damage that cannot be guaranteed by official Asus services.

Asus Service Center Bekasi Address

Bekasi City has several Asus service centers spread across several locations. Asus looks very serious about Bekasi consumers. It has been proven that there is at least one Asus service center and three Asus certified service partners. Ruko Mega Kalimalang, Plot 8 No. 9 Jl. K.H. Noer Alie, Pekayon Jaya, RT 03/07, Bekasi 17148, Complete address for Asus Service Center Bekasi in West Java.

Call him on 1500 128, which is open Monday to Saturday. From Monday to Friday, the service is between 09:30 and 17:00. Open on Saturdays from 19:30 to 12:00. No Sunday services. One of the Asus Certified Service Partners Bekasi with his address at SunCity Square is at Ruko Sun City Square Blok A 30, Jl.M. Hasibuan, Marga Jaya and South Bekasi.

Maybe you don’t know what is the difference between an Asus service center and an Asus certified service partner. Therefore, what distinguishes the two is the management. Asus Service Center Bekasi was managed by Asus itself when it became an Asus Certified Services Partner. However, Asus Certified Service Partners are Asus’ official partners. Therefore, the quality of service is the same.

For the other two Asus Certified Service Partners, Lipochicaran Mall Ground Floor Unit 26-27, Jalanmo H. Tamrin, Chibatu, South Chicalan and Square, Luko Complex, Jalan Mayor Madom Inhasibuan No.30, RT.004/RW.002, margajaya, Bekasi City, West Java 17141.

Types of damage that cannot be guaranteed
As mentioned above, otherwise all the damage can be secured. At Asus Service Center Bekasi, only certain damages can be guaranteed. Warranty can be made as long as it is under warranty for normal use. Warranty can also be made if there is a defect in the product due to materials or workmanship.

Here are a few of them, the first being products that have been damaged but were repaired or modified by others. The warranty seal has been damaged or altered. Damage caused by injury, natural disaster, abuse of use, violence, negligence or helplessness, or abnormal use. Accidents are caused by a power supply interruption or accident.

Apart from the above, there are other reasons that prevent you from guaranteeing the product. The cause is damage from operational or storage use beyond the limits described in the user manual. This is due to the use of equipment not manufactured or sold by ASUSTeK. Destruction or loss of programs, data or removable storage media, or other costs for data or program recovery. Also, damage to third party software or damage from viruses.

Considerations for making a guarantee

What you need to know is that when you bring your product to the Asus Service Center Bekasi, it doesn’t mean you will definitely get a warranty. The Service Center reserves the right to confirm the validity of the warranty. If we discover that there is a lie or infidelity, we cannot guarantee your food.

Therefore, don’t think about cheating to get a guarantee. Because you go through the inspection process first. The service center is then not responsible for the individual data of the product to be repaired. Therefore, if you have personal data that no one else should know, you must protect it first.

In addition, the service center is not responsible for damage or loss of data, programs or removable storage media.

This should really be considered before handing over the goods to the service center. It is recommended that you back up important data on your device first. This is very important to avoid the loss of important data.

Service as a Bekasi Service Center
Like other cities, Asus Service Center Bekasi offers excellent service. This has long been an asus feature. Asus has always put consumer comfort first. In almost every city, asus service center services always get good reviews from the public.

Bekasi service center employees are very friendly and communicative. Apart from that, the employees are also helpful. Employees can explain Asus products very well. If you have questions about Asus products, you can ask questions. I’m sure the employees on duty will be happy to answer any game you give.

Then if you are in a dirty place, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. The quiet asus service center has a place that is always kept clean. The Bekasi service center is no exception. In a clean and fragrant place, you won’t feel bored right away. So you can comfortably inquire about Asus products.

So, if you have any complaints or problems with your device, you don’t need to be confused anymore. Just coming to the nearest service center will definitely make the service very satisfying. You don’t need to hesitate because the service center always provides the best for every customer.

In addition, the service center has an orderly method or queue. So you don’t have to worry about the queue being sabotaged. Usually, there is also an easily accessible location at the asus service center. This is how Asus allows consumers to easily come to the service center.

There are things to keep in mind when it comes to Asus service centers during the pandemic. You must observe the health protocol. This is because Asus applies strict health protocols at the service center. The same applies to the Asus Bekasi service center.